How About a Costume Party

Erotic outfits for your man.  We have a kinky maid’s outfit.  Make him serve his mistress in style, or play doctor in this sexy nurse’s uniform.   And for you dominants who believe less is better.



Bondage Sets

A person can go broke  buying a collar, a leash, cuffs, a gag etc.  This is ok for the hardcore lifestyle person who will use these bondage items regularly for years, but what about the couple who want to experiment to see if they are into BDSM.  For them an inexpensive set is just the thing.



Boots for the Lady

What is it about boots that make a woman look HOT!  Doesn’t matter if you are dealing with hardcore BDSM or just a walk in the park.  Boots create an erotic persona wherever they are worn.

This model would do just as well at a cocktail party or a BDSM party.


This model is HOT!  One can envision these on a dominatrix or at a Steam Punk gathering.


These kinky red boots just screams HOT!


Most people think of hoods as hardcore.  They can be, but they can also be a part of a fantasy.  Check out these.





You see it in all the movies, the bad guys pull out the duct tape and their victims are securely bound, that is until the hero runs by and snatches the tape off.  The problem is, life isn’t a movie and duct tape hurts like hell when you pull it off!

The seller of this bondage tape  claims “No Glue, No Hair Pulling or Sticky Residue” read the reviews!  Plus they include a little ring as a bonus!


Here is twist on the use of tape.  Elastic Bandage Tape.  As any self respecting accident prone clutz can tell you, the stuff is fantastic.  It sticks to itself, is strong and doesn’t take a wig full of hair with it when you remove it and comes in many colors and sizes.



Old School Rope!

Whether you are into domination, spanking or just plain bondage, have you ever wished you could just go back to the basics?  Does all the new luxury equipment sometimes just kill the kinky eroticism?  Think rope!  After all rope is the original bondage system.


Want more colors?  This vendor offers purple, red, black, pink and yes, bright green!


Rounding out our trio selection is this offering.  Not only more colors than you can throw your rope around, this vendor also has 1/4  or 1/2 inch in lengths of your choice.




Whips for Show

There are three groups of whips.  First are the whips used by ranchers and other livestock managers.  These whips are the real thing.

Second is the show group.  While these whips could be used for real in a pinch, they are usually smaller and less flexible.  They can, however, inflict serious damage and should never be used on a person.

Third is what we call pleasure whips.  Within this group falls those whips designed to be used in adult play.


Today we have highlighted a selection of three from the second group.  These are costume whips.  They look good strapped to your belt or hanging on your dungeon wall, but never use them on a person.

As is our custom, we have located an affordable selection with good reviews from a trusted outlet.